Who do I ask for a sick day?

For the last couple of years, I’ve been the lucky recipient of migraines.  They suck, but I’ve learned to better manage them thanks to some fancy (and spendy) prescription drugs and the ability to take a sick day and NOT look at this bloody computer.  Well, I felt a headache coming on last night, but ignored it and went to bed.  When I awoke, there it was, right where I’d left it.   A not so quick drive down to our first investor’s house (Mom & Dad) to drop off our beast and it was full on raging and had turned the corner to a Migraine.

So who do I ask for a sick day?  I’m my boss.  Everything that doesn’t get done by me today, pushes my life, our company,  our future one day into the future.  Who knows what that one day will cost us.  I hope nothing, but the fear of failure in me says it could be everything, so work, work, work.  Thankfully today wasn’t a total loss.  I was able to squeeze in some time, and more importantly make some progress one the meds did their thing.  Usually I’d lounge away the rest of the day, for fear of a relapse, but I didn’t today. My jerky boss made me work.

One thought on “Who do I ask for a sick day?

  1. Darla

    I suffer from migranes too and they stink ! and I too feel that the prescription drugs work but are really pricey ! I'm glad you found one that worked for you !


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