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TempMine in MassHighTech

So I’ve actively avoided the subject of TechStars since we were accepted last Spring.  The theory is that we don’t want to 1. toot our horn before we have something worth tooting about, and 2. we’ve been iterating so quickly through how exactly we’re going to change the world, that it’s best not to mention it yet.

Well, we’ve been outed. We knew it was coming and were fine with it, but it’s still a bit weird to see it in (lcd) print:  Fast pace, less funding define TechStars.

Here’s how it went down.  Galen Moore from MassHighTech was in the office and was asking questions – in the bathroom.   Once we moved the conversation a few doors away from the urinals, we chatted a bit about TempMine, what’s public and what’s not about our young company, and how awesome TechStars is.  Yeah, I’ve not just drank the Koolaid, I’ve bathed in it.

Galen must be good, because despite my brain saying “yo, you’re not ready to talk to a reporter”, the rest of me sure wanted to talk about TempMine and TechStars.  So I did.  He was kind enough to keep it general, but I’ll be looking forward to talking to him moew once we have more to say.