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New jobs for both of us.

Yesterday was my first day at HubSpot.  It was my first “first day” at a job in a very long time.  There wasn’t really a first at my last company, play140.  We just got started.  There was no culture, no “way things are done”, nothing was set in stone.  That’s one of the coolest parts of startups, you get to do it all.  It’s exciting.  You can try to do everything right that everyone you’ve worked with or for before has done wrong.  And you’ll probably fail.  But that’s a part of the adventure.

HubSpot is still called a startup by some, but in reality, I don’t think it is any more.  This is a *big* company.  They have an unbelievable sales team who sell what is built here for real money every day to people who want to buy it.  They have set “way things are done” for just about everything.  They’ve been around for five years.  There are nearly 300 people here.  It’s kinda crazy.  Maybe I need to change the title of this blog …

While yesterday was my first day here, it was also my wife’s first day as a full-time Mom with our 3.5 year old, Thomas, and our 12 day old, Miles.  So while I was here trying to get up to speed on years of history, projects, work, style and about 30 new names to remember, she was at home entertaining our two monkeys.  I’m not sure who’s day was more exciting or exhausting.  She did let me actually get my shoes off before handing over Miles though.  So it couldn’t have been that bad. 🙂