My awesome shirt

Last Wednesday I wore a new shirt to work.  This might not seem like a big deal to most people, but for me, it was.  You see, this shirt that I speak of, wasn’t a t-shirt and actually had a collar and buttons.  Ok, to be totally honest, while it did have a few buttons, the primary fastening duties were  handled by snaps.  Yes snaps … that awesome.

Despite the awesome that was this shirt and the event of it’s unveiling, the truly awesome part of the day was that that night, while sitting in the old television room* at home with my wife, I happened upon the news that there was a new video on the excellent Dev & Design Blog at work: Keeping Busy During The Winter.  After watching and like it so, I showed the video to my aforementioned wife.

“Wait, this is from today.” she uttered with more than a little surprise.  Yes, at 0:53 of the video, there I am, munching a yummy free pretzel at work while wearing my brand new shirt.  That awesome video went from shooting to the interwebs in hours and that is more awesome than my shirt.  Another example of HubSpot’s Product Team killing it.  Big props to the filmmaker @ssiskind.

* Yes, both the room (122 years) and television (8 years) are old.

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