A day in the life

So yesterday there was this post yesterday on news.yc “Ask HN: Startup founders, would you walk us through a day in the life?” that got me thinking.  What is my day like?

6:20am – One year old wakes up. Grudgingly, I do to.

6:25am – Change diaper, PJs if they’re wet, make a bottle, feed the boy, try to keep eyes open.

6:40am – Catch up on email on the iPhone while the boy plays on the family room floor. Can’t use the MacBook because he’ll want to play with it.

7:20am – Make coffee, clean the boy’s bottles, change his diaper.

8:00am – Wake up wife so I get to shower. Shower.

8:45am – Send replies that were too long for iPhone. Review where last night left us. Review what I want to get done today. Start working.

10:30am – motivate to the subway to go to the office. Pleasure read on the train.

11:15am – get to the office. Talk to office mates. Get situated, try to get back into the groove. Put off lunch as long as possible.

Lunch – try to find something cheap. Generally fail.

Rest of the day – work, have sessions with our mentors. Maybe get some dinner.

9:45pm – head home. Pass out on the subway.

10:30pm – Catch up with wife until she goes to bed.

11:00pm – 1:30am – Work.

Rinse, lather repeat and never second guess giving up that good 4 day a week job I used to have to start my own business.

It’s a pretty fancy life, eh?

One thought on “A day in the life

  1. Kerry

    You don't make coffee until 7:20? How do you survive that whole hour without it?! I think for Christmas Danielle should get you one of those fancy coffee pots that you can program to automatically start making coffee everyday at 6:15. Hint, hint.


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